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To establish, facilitate and enhance individual development and familial brotherhood within the context of Islamic Laws.


  • To extend and strengthen our Islamic identity and promote our Cutchi language, heritage and culture to our children, grand children and future generations to come.
  • To facilitate and assist members of any Nasserpuria Memon Jamat to emigrate, settle and integrate in the Canadian community.
  • To provide a forum for its members for advancement and furtherance in their careers, education, Islamic religion, family values and self-development.
  • To guide and assist members to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • To provide a platform to its members for matrimony and make available marital and family counseling within the Islamic laws.
  • To render help and provide facilities for the performance of rites on religious occasions (such as marriages and deaths).
  • To guide and assist students of any Nasserpuria Memon Jamat pursue further education.
  • To purchase, sell, lease, rent, transfer, dispose off, build, own and /or manage any property and /or land, in order to achieve the objectives listed above.
  • To make bylaws as and when necessary to carry out the above objectives.

Constitution and Official

All this time the Jamat had functioned without any formal guidelines. An important committee was commissioned to work on the constitution. It consisted of elders Abdulkader Yakub, Abdulrahim Goralwalla  and Abdulhamid Hathiyani as the coordinator. On November 10, 2001 the draft constitution was presented to the Jamat at a meeting, which has come to be known as the “constitution meeting.” It was held at Iqbal Restaurant. After a good discussion and a few amendments the constitution was adopted with an overwhelming majority thus creating history for our Jamat and giving us a firm foundation and a guiding principle. This pioneering event was soon followed by another historic milestone when the Jamat officially got registered with the Government of Canada on March 11, 2002 as a non-profit charitable organization. The first officially registered office bearers thus became Abdulhamid Hathiyani as the President, Ghulamhabib Yakub as the Actg. Vice President, Mohamed Zahir Salyani as the Hon Secretary and Mohamed Kadernani as the Hon Treasurer. To commemorate this historic achievement our first publication “An Najm”, A Rising Star, was initiated with a 2-day event organized in August 2002. These momentous achievements gave further boost to the morale and spirits and our own Website – – was launched in May 2002 to keep our members and others all over informed of our activities.

These have been major steps in our short history paving the way to many positive things to come, Inshallah.