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Scholarship Application Form

Rules and Conditions

This application is for a one-time scholarship towards meeting education expenses of a member (or the child of a
member) of NMJ-Canada who is admitted to an institute of higher learning after completion of high school. The
scholarship is subject to the rules contained here below.

The Student must have completed a High School Diploma or equivalent or must be enrolled in a post secondary
institute for an undergraduate program. A copy of the high school diploma and an official transcript shall be attached
to the application. Should this not be available at the time of application, it shall be sent immediately to the Hon.
Secretary, NMJ Canada, upon availability.

A copy of the Letter of Acceptance from the institute of higher learning should be attached to the application. For
students currently enrolled in a program of study at a post secondary institute, an official transcript shall be attached
to the application.

Application form duly signed by the student and either one of parent/guardian.

Only one application is allowed per student.

The family and the applicant, where applicable, shall be fully paid members of NMJ Canada at least up to the year of

Application should be made within the first 3 months of the beginning of the school year. Every year, a deadline date
will be announced by the Managing committee.

Payment will be made by way of cheque in Canadian funds, subject to approval of Managing Committee of NMJ –

These rules and conditions are subject to change at the discretion of the Managing Committee of NMJ – Canada.

Please direct any questions to